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Physical Therapy

Our company exists to provide world class care to the small town that we love. The clinicians at Pure Therapy Centers have been rigorously trained by the most prominent figures in the field of physical therapy. By focusing exclusively on outpatient orthopedic care we are able to stay up to date as new techniques develop and new research is published. This level of focus and commitment ensures that we maximize the effectiveness of every one of your treatment sessions with us. We expect that you will leave our clinic with no doubt that you received the best possible treatment available to you in the country. We will settle for nothing less.

Why Pure Therapy Centers?

Team approach: At Pure Therapy Centers we have multiple doctors working hand in hand with our athletic trainer. We know that one doctor rarely has all the answers, which is why we work together. By being able to consult one another on complex patients our team is able to maintain an extremely high success rate. Having an athletic trainer on staff ensures that each individual is able to return to their favorite activities at the highest level possible.

Clinical Excellence: The clinicians at Pure Therapy Centers spend more than 100 hours in continuing education courses every year. This means that your doctor spends several weekends a year at seminars where we learn the latest research breakthroughs and technique developments. In a field that is evolving as quickly as physical therapy you deserve a doctor that has the most up to date knowledge possible.

Results: We get people better. Our practice exists to get rid of your pain and get you back to doing the activities you love. This is the number one priority of our doctors. The people and physicians in our community have come to trust Back In Motion to deliver exceptional results. Ask your friends and health care provider about Pure Therapy Centers, we believe our best advertising is the recommendation of prior clients.